Seats still available - New Developments in Shop Floor Gaging

03/13/2019 10:00 to 03/13/2019 14:00 (US/Central)

--15150 25th Avenue N STE 200, Plymouth, MN 55447--

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Mar 13, 2019, 10:00:00 AM

Data controls can be as simple as the dynamic control of a single, critical feature, (like a critical bore size) to a full inspection of all critical features including GD&T features with inspection reporting and CNC part program updates of some or all features. Our presentation will begin with Jack Gaughan from Edmunds Gages reviewing applications for air gaging and air / electronic gaging.

Next, Leo Somerville from Renishaw Inc. will present the Equator flexible gage which offers industry first advantages for shop floor gaging of critical features in an affordable, small footprint, shop floor gage.

The gauging results are easily read in real-time by Renishaw IPC, which offers the ability to connect to certain modern machine tool controls. This allows offset values to be updated, enabling true automated process control. Data from the Equator gauge can be used to update offsets repeatably and reliably, compensating for common causes of process instability, for example tool wear and thermal drift.

Please join Leo Somerville from Renishaw Inc., Jack

Gaughan from Edmunds Gages, and us on the 13th.

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15150 25th Avenue N STE 200, Plymouth, MN 55447


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